Sunday, February 25, 2007

past life in chatham

I was just thinking about my short time in chatham mass. 88-93.All the different memories flooding my thoughts ,some good - some bad.I miss the lighthouse at night
just standing there watching the light disappear into the black night and the sound of the water , like a lulaby.That lighthouse at night was one thing that always made things less painful.I get torn between missing the ocean and my love of the mountains of my west youngest girl (kat) reminds me of one thing of my life in chatham ,when i was 15 or 16 , something was said to me about my future children . she looks the spitting image of the description given me by a person no longer in my seems so weird to see such a thing come about.from 89 to 91 was the best summers i had in chatham.the people were good people and i eventually made some good friends but as always we didn't stay in touch.i wonder what chatham is like now.i would have liked to stay friends with some people but life don't always let you have what you want .that's what keeps us wondering why life turns out the way it does instead of the way we want or plan it.

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