Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Valentines Baby

Happy Valentines Day world. Happy birthday to me and all the other valentines babies out there.We're getting a good helping of that Valentines Blizzard (as the news lady calls it),and the
kids school was closed so they were not happy today.It's funny how my kids actually like to go to school.I never liked going to school till I got up in the 8th grade , I was fascinated with Jr. & Sr. High school . Only it doesn't feel like a special day today, more like an ordinary day . I'm lucky though because I've got a good life , a hard one at that but that's what most anyone would say.
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and , well i'm just running on now so bye.

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ravnone1 said...

Happy Valentine's Day and Happy Birthday, Baby! Miss you all. Tell the kids Happy Valentine's Day for me. Hubby too. Blizzard? How much snow you all gettin'? Maybe they can make a snowman. They wouldn't be bored then, just cold. brrrrr